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Posts, Vol. 1

by Gil Hedley, Ph.D., 319 pgs.

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Posts, Vol. 1

OVERVIEW: Posts, Vol. 1 is a collection of short-form insights and considerations originally posted on my Facebook community page, Gil Hedley, Integral Anatomy. You can still read them there for free if you don't mind scrolling back for several years of posts. So many people requested that I put them in book form for easier reading and sharing that I have responded with these volumes, and I expect more may eventually follow.

For those of you who might be thinking, "Ugh, Facebook, why would I want to read a whole book of some dude's family photos and daily whereabouts," I can assure you this volume is nothing of the sort :) Rather it is more like a "lightstand" book, that you read a passage or two from in the morning or evening for encouragement and introspection, or perhaps read aloud before a class or meeting to set a tone for the exploration. Enjoy!

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