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Coming Into Form

by Gil Hedley, Ph.D., 108 pgs.

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Coming Into Form

OVERVIEW: Coming Into Form is a book of poetic free-verse, which, like my first book, Reconceiving My Body, and my DVD series, comes straight from my heart. I hope that these words will find there way to your own. From the inside front flap of the book jacket: In this book we explore the theme of coming into form from various vantages. "Coming into form" is both an art and an experience. We are all experts, we have all done so, more or less consciously, and with more or less pleasure. These verses are the direct result of my experience of delving deeply into "the heart of pleasure." It has been an exercise in self-knitting: re-conceiving myself, and my body. Simultaneously, I have proceeded from a sense of necessity as well: I simply had to write these words down. I have enjoyed the process very much.

Many of the great religious traditions of the world employ the language of love to explore the relationship of the soul and its source. I consider what I share here to be a part of that same genre, without identifying with any particular tradition. From where I stand, all the world is spiritual, and I am happy, blessed, and grateful to be a part of this world.

The images scattered throughout the text are placed there as much to facilitate spacing as to reflect the content. To define the layers of meaning of the verse shall remain the reader's prerogative alone.

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