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If you would like to have your own "hard copies" of The Integral Anatomy Series on DVD disks, please add to your cart below. If you prefer to watch online for free, PLAY The Integral Anatomy Series here now. Throughout the DVDs, I explore human anatomy through on-camera cadaver dissection, taking a whole body, layer by layer, integral approach.

My current book project is The Atlas of Integral Anatomy, which I anticipate bringing forward late in 2016, wish me luck! Overseas shoppers: If you really want to have the physical product shipped to you overseas, send me an email through the Contact button above so I can let you know the specific shipping costs for your country. Thank you for visiting. Enjoy! ~Gil Hedley :-)

thumbnail of book titled Reconceiving My Body
Reconceiving My Body
thumbnail of book titled Coming Into Form
Coming Into Form
thumbnail of book titled Beyond the Leaving
Beyond the Leaving
thumbnail of book titled The Heart of Service
The Heart of Service
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Posts, Vol. 1
thumbnail of book titled Posts, Vol. 2
Posts, Vol. 2
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The Integral Anatomy Series