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TRAILER: Integral Anatomy Intensive
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6 Hour Course
$100.00 USD
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6 CE Hour Integral Anatomy Intensive Online Course

Based on the daylong workshop by Gil Hedley, Ph.D.

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This course consists of 7 sections of video content, and a 40 question quiz, creating a 6 CE Hour course total. To earn 6 professional CE credits for your study of the material, submit your answers to the quiz questions, and upon review of your submission, you will be issued a certificate for the course via email.

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Overview: The Integral Anatomy Intensive provides an introduction to the basic concepts and approach of integral anatomy through a layer-by-layer slideshow presentation and discussion. The images supporting the seminar are drawn from the dissection laboratory as well as from nature and our culture at large in order to support the development of an integral approach to the human form.

Objective: The objective of the presentation is to establish a conceptual and visual frame of reference for an integral approach to the study of human anatomy which is coherent with a holistic and vital philosophy of the human body and person.

Outcomes: The participant will understand the basic concepts and approach of integral anatomy, will have a visual sense of the "onion-tree" model of the body, and will be ready to explore the textural layers more deeply in your own personal and professional practice.

How is this course different from the 9 CE Hour Course? The two courses are completely different courses. The 9 hour course consists of the four feature-length volumes of The Integral Anatomy Series, published by Gil Hedley, Ph.D., which explains the perspective of integral anatomy through layer by layer on-camera dissection of the human body. The 6 hour course consists of the lecture and slideshow presentation which Gil delivered and recorded on video. The 6 hour course is a live-recorded set of sessions in which Gil explores the concepts of an integral approach to anatomy through images from the lab, nature, and our culture at large. You can take each course, some material will be familiar but presented in completely different ways to reinforce the content. The content is different, the presentation style is different, and the quizzes are different.

thumbnail image of 6 CE Hour Integral Anatomy Series Online Course
6 Hour Course
$100.00 USD
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